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Download ROBLOX Launcher APK for Android Free

ROBLOX Launcher - screenshot thumbnailROBLOX Launcher - screenshot thumbnail

ROBLOX Launcher

ROBLOX Launcher is a speedy and straightforward answer for utilizing ROBLOX on your Android gadget. Various snappy connections, for example, recreations, index and account and included for simple access to all your record's choices! 

Our application is custom-made around the simple access to your ROBLOX record immediate from your Android gadget without needing to even touch your web program!


Download WatchWidgets for SmartWatch 2 APK for Android Free

WatchWidgets for SmartWatch 2 - screenshot thumbnail

WatchWidgets for SmartWatch 2


Watchwidgets for Smartwatch 2 

Just working with Sony Smartwatch 2. 

You require the most recent Sony Smartwatch (Firmware) from april 2014. 

Gadget for custom clockfaces. 

You discover the gadgets under Widgets (not Clocks!) in the proofreader. 

In this form you can do: 

You have 15 tickers: 

* 5 logged off tickers; WORKING DISCONNECTED like Sony org (1x2, 2x3, 2x5, 3x3, 3x5) 

* 2 Small timekeepers (1x2). 

* 2 Normal timekeepers (2x5). 

* 1 Normal timekeepers (3x5). 

* 5 timekeepers (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5) 

You have 10 analogs clock: 

* 5 disconnected from the net analogs clock with second when watch light is on (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5) 

* Add your own particular Clock dial. 

* 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 

* You can set your own particular foundation picture on simple gadgets. 

You have 2 date gadgets: 

* 1 Small date. 

* 1 Big date. 

* Stopwatch you can begin and prevent from clockscreen when light is on. 

* Image Background gadget. 

* Change 38 text styles. 

* Change Fontsize. (not on disconnected from the net clocks). 

* Change Align. (not on disconnected from the net clocks). 

* Have diverse Timezone on every clockwidget (not on disconnected from the net clocks). 

* Offline Clocks is decent for the watch battery.
WatchWidgets for SmartWatch 2 - screenshotWatchWidgets for SmartWatch 2 - screenshot


Download Cinema FV-5 APK for Android Free

Cinema FV-5 - screenshot thumbnail

Cinema FV-5

Silver screen FV-5 is an expert camcorder requisition for cell phones, that puts proficient manual controls in your fingertips. Custom-made to fan and expert videographers and movie producers, with this camcorder provision you can catch the best footage with untouchable controls for impeccable postproduction purposes. As far as possible is your creative ability and inventiveness!

● Adjust all the picture sensor parameters that you just thought star camcorders had: introduction remuneration, ISO, light metering mode (framework/focus/spot), center mode and white offset.

● Change sensor parameters (like ISO, presentation recompense or white parity) likewise throughout recording.

● Zoom after keeping in mind recording. Set particular central lengths because of the 35mm identical based central length show.

● Focus changes throughout recording: lock concentrate on your subject before recording and change center planes while recording.

● Professional viewfinder: 10+ compositing matrices, 10+ harvest aides accessible, safe territories show and significantly more.

● The most progressive electronic viewfinder on a camcorder: live RGB and luminance histogram are accessible additionally throughout recording.

● Professional sound metering alternatives: show sound tops and sound cutting warnings throughout recording.

● Choose feature and sound codec, change the bitrates, sound testing rates and number of channels.

● All Polaroid capacities assignable to volume keys. You can change EV, ISO, shade temperature, zoom and all the more utilizing volume keys (counting those within link headsets) and also centering and recording. Gadgets with equipment Polaroid shade keys are additionally underpinned.

● Video geotagging backing.

● Autofocus, macro, touch center and vastness center modes, in addition to a center lock switch (AF-L).

● Autoexposure (AE-L) and auto white equalization (AWB-L) secures Android 4.0+. You can additionally bolt introduction and white offset throughout cut recording naturally.

Cinema FV-5 - screenshot thumbnail


Download KooGoo Icon Theme Apex Nova Go APK for Android Free

KooGoo Icon Theme Apex Nova Go - screenshot thumbnail

KooGoo Icon Theme Apex Nova Go


*1500+ HD Icons 

*88 Cloud Wallpapers - for tablets i recommend you to download them and afterward set physically 

*muzei Support 

*16 Docks for Nova Launcher 

*frequent Updates 

*alternative Drawer & App symbols 

*advanced Dashboard with pursuit capacity and parcel more 

*alphabetical Ordering in Nova Icon Picker 

*icons Request (through mail) usefulness specifically from dashboard application 

*works with those launchers: Nova/Apex/Adw/Holo/Actionpro/Trebuchet/Go Launcher/Smart Launcher/Unicon (Icon Themer)/Aviate/Next Launcher/Inspire 

*may works with different launchers that backings subjects for past launchers 

KooGoo Icon Theme Apex Nova Go - screenshot


Download Flixtor APK for Android Free

Flixtor - screenshot thumbnailFlixtor - screenshot thumbnailFlixtor - screenshot thumbnail


Flixtor let you download and stream any film and serie specifically on your telephone! 


-Search films, arrangement and individuals through an immense database controlled by Torrent Lookup. 

-Use torrents to download/stream* films and arrangement. 

-Choose your quality/ torrent. 

-Save on telephone or sdcard. 

-Download in foundation. 


-Use inner or outer feature player 

-Multiple downloads in the meantime. 

-Chromecast help (master form just) 

-Subtitles (master form just) 

You can utilize your prefered feature player, yet we prescribe utilizing one of these : 

-Vlc feature player 

-Mx feature player 

*note about the stream 

The torrent is downloaded consecutively. 

Some film encoding won't let you quick send. 

You might have the capacity to look for through the feature if the download advancement is more excellent than where you're attempting to look for 

Some film will oblige a more terrific download advance before having the capacity to play.


Download Stickman Trampoline Pro APK for Android Free

Stickman Trampoline PRO - screenshot thumbnailStickman Trampoline PRO - screenshot thumbnail

Stickman Trampoline PRO

Do you have what it takes to ace the crazy statures & flip combos of the trampoline? 

Stickman Trampoline will give you hours of fun as you top Google Play Leaderboards and area bounced like a Stickman Champ! 


- Addictive gameplay with pick-up-and-play effortlessness  

- Real material science motor to mimic genuine bouncing... furthermore past! 

- 3 extraordinary stickman characters, each with their own particular set of abilities - would you be able to ace every one of them? 

- Gamecenter Leaderboards and accomplishments - challenge your companions! 

- Hundreds of flip combos! 

In case you're an aficionado of whatever viable Stickman style diversions, Stickman Trampoline is an unquestionable requirement have! 


Download Galaxy Launcher Prime APK for Android Free

Galaxy Launcher Prime - screenshot thumbnailGalaxy Launcher Prime - screenshot thumbnail

Galaxy Launcher Prime


Universe Launcher Prime opens the Prime characteristics of Galaxy Launcher, you must introduce Galaxy Launcher 1.0.1+ (Free) on your gadget. 

Prime characteristics: 

+ Unread numbers, help ADW Notifier and Holo Notifier  

+ Folders in drawer, sort out applications into organizers 

+ Gestures help  

+ Swipe signals on any symbols 

+ Add/Delete envelope things rapidly  

+ Customizable drawer foundation color 

+ Support Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher and Launcherpro symbol packs 

+ 1x1 gadgets in dock 

+ More scrolling impacts 

World Launcher characteristics: 

+ Customizable symbol size and symbol content size 

+ Support ADW symbol packs 

+ Customizable desktop network and drawer matrix 

+ Lock, Unlock desktop 

+ Infinite scrolling on desktop, drawer and dock 

+ Elastic scrolling on desktop, drawer and dock 

+ Hide applications in drawer 

+ Scrollable dock, adjustable dock pages and number of dock symbols 

+ Screen introduction 

+ Set default screen for desktop 

+ Card stack impact and Touchwiz scrolling impact 

+ Edit alternate route symbols and content 

+ Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling 

+ Enable/Disable reset drawer position 

+ More than 16 symbols in organizer 

+ Resize any gadget 

+ Backup and restore 

+ Keep launcher in memory